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On the occasion of the commencement of the Montpellier paper straw, the first batch of foreign merchants came to visit

2022/4/13 16:20:43    from:admin    click count:4851
Yiwu mount daily necessities Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, development, production and sales of various styles and models of straw, such as paper straw, environmental protection paper straw, degradable straw, PLA straw, beverage straw, art straw, disposable plastic straw, etc. Ensure quality and high-quality reputation.
The first batch of foreign businessmen will visit the paper straw factory when the paper straw of Monte is started!!!
Mengxiaobian Yiwu mengdaily necessities August 2
The project of Monte paper straw is led by Zhao Pingcai, chairman of Monte company, and Yu Kaifeng, technical director. From the introduction and transformation of machines and technical improvement to the stable and comprehensive production of equipment, it has gone through several months of hard work! Finally, the commencement ceremony was held at 8:18 on August 1, 2018, which marked that Monte's paper straw project has officially and fully entered production. This is another new milestone for Monte! All the machines are neatly decorated and ready to go like soldiers. Wait for the captain's order and start the start-up ceremony in an all-round way!!!
The picture shows the paper project management members firing a salute together!!!
When the salute sounded, all the machines started up and played a sonata!
In the afternoon, the paper straw factory welcomed the first batch of foreign merchants to visit the project, praised our paper straw technology and quality, and said to sign a long-term cooperation plan with Monte!!!