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Monte paper straw, PLA degradation straw, heavy attack!

2022-4-13 16:23:29    from:admin    click count:0
Monte paper straw, PLA degradation straw, heavy attack!
Starbucks and McDonald's, the most representative chain brands, recently announced that in the next year or two, all branches around the world will ban disposable plastic straws and replace them with straws made of biodegradable materials or paper straws. To this end, Yu Kaifeng, the technical R & D director of Monte daily necessities Co., Ltd., said: "faced with the fact that plastic straws will be banned by several major brands at present, as a technician with more than 20 years of R & D experience, I feel very excited. First, I can contribute to the cause of environmental protection, and second, the research results of so many years can finally be of great use in China." Manager Yu recalled that since he first came into contact with biodegradable straw in 2002, he began to lead the research and development and transform the machine in 2005, and then imported raw materials from Hong Kong in 2008, produced degradable straw and sold it to the European and American markets. Today, he has basically mastered the raw materials, formula and technology, and can comprehensively produce degradable straw. It can be said that he has invested a lot of energy. However, due to the low cost of traditional PP straw and the lack of corresponding policies, this non degradable product has always occupied the main part of the market. Although the traditional straw is not toxic to human body, the pollution to the environment is real. The PLA biodegradable straw produced by Monte can be degraded into carbon dioxide water in 45 days under the condition of composting, because its main raw material is corn starch, It can be said to be very environmentally friendly. For the environmental protection options of these big brands, Monte has long been prepared. Manager Yu encouraged the technicians of the company to say that we have experienced the renewal of equipment and the training of personnel technology. Up to now, we have produced degradable straws on a large scale, which is the result of the continuous professional research efforts of the technical R & D team of Monte company. At the same time, we also contribute to the cause of environmental protection!
At the same time, according to the needs of Europe, America, Taiwan, India and other countries, Monte company produces paper straw of primary wood pulp, and PLA biodegradable knife, fork, spoon and tableware series has also become the main products of Monte company at this stage!
In order to promote the sustainable development of the industry, promote the large-scale market of domestic degradable straw, promote the early determination of domestic degradable straw standards, no longer need to use German standards, and promote the further development of green manufacturing industry, our Monte company has been taking action!