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Advocate environmental protection, say "no plastic", and start again!!!

2022/4/13 16:16:11    from:admin    click count:0
In the face of the global plastic ban, environmental protection culture has been advocated one after another. As an indispensable tool in our life, straw still has its significance and value. However, it is undeniable that a large number of straw, especially the traditional PP straw, have caused serious "white pollution" because it is difficult to recover and cannot be degraded. Therefore, it is not so much to refuse straw because of choking, Let's try the following methods.

When foreign netizens heard the news of the plastic ban, they immediately prepared alternatives to plastic straws to try:

She chose these straws: paper straws, stainless steel straws, plant straws, degradable straws and silicone straws. And the taste was evaluated.

Paper straw: very beautiful, but ordinary market paper straw is easy to melt, and sensitive people will taste the smell of paper.

Stainless steel straw: poke mouth, poke mouth, poke mouth, no one likes to bite metal rods.

Plant straw: similar to paper straw, it will taste.

Degradable straw: stronger, very close to PP straw.

Silicone straw: it's not easy to wash, and it's hard to suck. After all, it's a straw with soft material.

So ah, in fact, at present, degradable straw and paper straw are the most suitable products in terms of cost and use effect, so Xiaomeng can't help taking a wave of advertisements: Monte color paper straw soaked in ice cola for 24 hours without color fading and deformation. Choose Monte, high quality and low price!!!

Monte color paper straw