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Zhao Pingcai, chairman of Monte company, spent a lot of money to introduce

2022/4/13 16:17:16    from:admin    click count:0
Recently, Zhejiang Mona paper products Co., Ltd., the third branch of intelligent chemical plant of Monte daily necessities Co., Ltd., was officially established. In order to do a good job of each paper straw, the company strictly checks from the source, from paper selection, printing, cutting to molding, layer by layer, one by one, and is committed to strictly controlling each process and doing a good job of each straw. In the face of the mixed market, it is difficult to control. Zhao Pingcai, chairman of the board of directors of the company, resolutely decided to introduce advanced machinery, equipment and technical personnel in a "bold and generous manner". Starting from the source, we are committed to seizing and mastering every production process by our own company, closely monitoring every production link, and making the best paper straw in China.

People who do great things at all times and in all over the world usually have three characteristics: spending money like earth, loving talents like life, and learning like infatuation. Monte dares to make innovative breakthroughs at the source. The key to innovation lies in mastering the dominance of the value chain. Because innovation also faces challenges. How to minimize the cost of products is a difficult problem. Cost saving requires us to start from the source. As for product optimization, its direction must be "intelligent direction". We start from raw materials to ensure quality and quantity, so as to ensure that the brand value continues to move forward.

Xiaobian will take you to appreciate the charm of Mona flexo printing technology:

One line operation from flexographic printing to cutting:

The latest high-tech intelligent paper cutting machine purchased by the company at a large amount of money has continuously improved the requirements for cutting quality and accuracy, and also continuously improved the company's production efficiency and reducing production costs, which can meet the cutting requirements of different sizes. With such advanced equipment, the technology of our paper straw must be even more important. However, to our surprise, cutting paper and printing paper opened another sales route of our company, and orders poured in one after another:

ok Then let the order come more fiercely!